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In a digital age, E-commerce businesses will live or die by their SEO strategy. Drive traffic to your website and win more sales with Truelogic.

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See how an integrated campaign from Truelogic propels brands to new heights, exploding traffic, and revenue.

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The year 2020 has changed the way consumers shop – forever.

Consumers have finally gotten used to transacting online. They’re enjoying the end-to-end convenience of e-commerce shopping. Easy ordering. Virtual payments. Home delivery. All from the comfort of their own homes.

The race is on now for who can reach customers faster and better. You’re up against resellers. E-commerce aggregators. Direct competitors against your products and services. The competition will only get fiercer from this point onward.

Web Design Services for Ecommerce Websites
Ecommerce Web Design

The question is, can your business keep up?

Your E-commerce business is nothing without SEO to back it up. You wouldn’t fill a physical shop, cover the windows, and expect people to come in and buy. The same is true for the online world. You need an E-commerce SEO company that knows how to make your products more visible than ever before, so you can rank higher than your competitors. You need Truelogic.


SEO for e-commerce is your chance to operate a Direct to Consumers (D2C) business that gives consumers a branded experience you can fully control. When it’s  done right, it successfully attracts product-driven searches to your website. It also increases your ranking in search results, strengthening your brand’s position against the competition. As your SEO for e-commerce partner, Truelogic will help you structure and optimize your website for branded product searches.
We’ll check that your website is user-intuitive, easy to navigate, and loading at optimal speeds.

Create the right match between customer searches and the products you sell.

Let Truelogic work with you to maximize your online presence using three SEO-ready, results-proven e-commerce platforms – Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce – platforms that truly benefit from SEO. Invest in an experience that’s convenient, secure, and memorable.

Ecommerce SEO to Rank Your Website

Create an online business using Shopify and prepare to welcome new customers using our Shopify SEO services.
Shopify is a great solution for small and medium business who want to create an online presence without a complicated setup process. Choose from a menu of website themes, add products, and lead your customers through a secure, seamless shopping experience.
Keep track of website visitors, product inventory, and initiate spot sales or seasonal promotions whenever you like. Your customers will be able to shop from their desktop or their mobile phone and pay securely using their own preferred payment option.
By the way, if you don’t want to build your own Shopify website, we can do it for you.

WooCommerce is another popular SEO-friendly e-commerce solution.
WooCommerce is a lightweight but powerful solution that works with more than 400 types of extensions, built on open source code that developers can customize according to your needs.

Avail of its easy-to-manage inventory, accounting, payments, and shipping tracker features. Simply activate the WooCommerce plug-in within your own WordPress website and set up your online storefront with an unlimited number of products and services. You can also pick from numerous themes to build a site that aligns with the look and feel of your brand.
Implementing an SEO solution for WooCommerce is convenient and highly optimizable within a short period of time.

Ask us about our WooCommerce SEO solution now – we’ll even build your WooCommerce e-commerce website for you.

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BigCommerce is another popular, fully hosted, and scalable e-commerce solution that can connect you to your customers every day of the week. You can upload an unlimited number of products and bring in customers through links from Facebook, Google Shopping, or even Pinterest.

End-to-end secure payment solutions are available, with the option to connect to eBay and Amazon. Make it easy for your sales and marketing staff to handle orders, shipping, and queries for delivery with a minimum of effort.

Setting up a BigCommerce SEO campaign is fast and convenient. Ask us how.

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Boost Traffic and Conversions with Truelogic

If you’ve got an e-commerce website ready – or are planning to build one – you need to create virtual foot traffic that drives customers to your store. But it’s not just about that. You are both champion and steward of your own brand. You should protect it against imitators and generic, unfocused service.

You know how to sell your products. You need customers to choose you over the others. We’ll bring these customers to you, so you can give your customers the brand experience only you can provide – with SEO for e-commerce services.

SEO for e-commerce is product, brand, and experience-focused. It finds and brings customers who are ready to buy directly to you.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you reach the positions, increase online visibility, and turn clicks into customers.

Ecommerce web design and development services

Why Choose Truelogic?

It’s not enough for a modern business to be online, you need a focused and customized SEO plan. Truelogic’s dedicated team provides a world-class, comprehensive e-commerce SEO package that doesn’t cut corners. Here’s how we drive qualified traffic and get your products in online shopping carts:

E-Commerce SEO Audit And Custom SEO Strategy

A 360-degree SEO for e-commerce review tells us how others market their products and services – and how you can do better. We’ll audit your website for SEO fundamentals and design a custom strategy that structures the way you sell your products in a way that understands how customers are looking for them.

Branded User Experience

We’ll drive customers to your website, help them find the products they need, and facilitate purchase in a safe, convenient process that helps customers remember you next time they buy.

Website Design And Structure Optimization

Your e-commerce website structure must be well-optimized for search visibility. We’ll review your site architecture, page coding, and other technical aspects of your web design to make sure it’s ready for e-commerce SEO.

E-Commerce Technical SEO

We’ll also take care of evaluating technical aspects of SEO for e-commerce – site speed, mobile-friendliness, and other important criteria.

E-Commerce SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a crucial component of your e-commerce SEO strategy. We’ll perform the keyword research for you, introducing short and long, natural language (long-tail) keywords for e-commerce search queries.

On-Page And Off-Page SEO For E-Commerce

We’ll craft on-page and off-page SEO content for e-commerce website searches. This content will be readable, easy-to-scan, and contain Google-friendly search descriptions. Our off-page SEO work will include helping you build backlinks that increase your website’s domain authority.

E-Commerce SEO Content

A well-performing e-commerce website drives customer purchase, not just the consumption of useful content. We’ll work with you to develop the right SEO content for e-commerce.

The tools we use may be complex but our focus and our goals are simple: delivering tangible results that boost
your revenue and accelerate your business growth.

As experts across various digital marketing channels, trust us to deliver campaigns that yield the highest possible ROI.
We love embracing customer insights, so you get a data-driven e-Commerce strategy that grows along with your business.


Market your business effectively to your online customers and convert their visits into sales with SEO for E-commerce.

Entrust your SEO plans to a partner with proven expertise. We’ll build an SEO campaign that sells. Contact Truelogic today to discuss your e-commerce website strategy.

Let Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out

Work with a e-commerce SEO firm in the Philippines with the expertise and technology to take your brand to the next level. We’ll take away the guesswork that comes in developing an e-commerce SEO strategy for your business.

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