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Online Marketing with Infographics: Three Important Design Tips

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Infographics have quickly become one of the most popular types of visual content today. Many companies now have infographic research, creation, and distribution in their lineup of online marketing services. With so many people creating infographics, it can be tempting to rush into it and cut corners when it comes to design, but this often results in low-quality infographics that nobody will want to share.

Here are some of the most important design tips to keep in mind when creating an infographic or having a professional do it for you.

Keep Visuals Creative and Simple

A little creativity goes a long way. Don’t limit yourself to infographics with graphs and charts. Use illustrations to present information and data in a more engaging way, but don’t overdo it. Infographics are more about communication than artistic expression. Going overboard with your visuals can make your infographic confusing or difficult to understand.

Google Search Timeline
The Google Search Timeline is very simple, but it’s clear, easy to follow, and visually appealing.

Keep the Copy Short

Avoid adding large blocks of plain text in your infographic. Relying too heavily on text goes against the main point of creating an infographic, which is to present the information visually. Reduce the amount of written copy by using symbols, icons, or illustrations to replace text.

The Quest to Power: Africa infographic
This infographic effectively uses icons and symbols to illustrate key concepts.

If you really can’t avoid using large amounts of text, use creative typography to make it look more interesting.

Design for Better Visual Flow

Keep your infographic organized and consider how its viewers will go through its content. You want to make sure they’re following the flow of your infographic’s story correctly instead of jumping from one bit of information to another randomly.

This humorous infographic on design, for example, immediately draws your attention to the three main points in the Venn diagram using bright, primary colors before you move on to the overlaps:

How Would You Like Your Graphic Design? infographic

All infographics require thorough research, high quality written content, and visuals that relay information in a clear yet creative way.

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