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Second Time’s the Charm: SEO Org Hosts SEO Shots II

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SEO Shots II TrueLogic

Though the first leg of SEO Shots was a huge success, the organizers didn’t settle for just one take. Last July 15 at Warehouse Eight, La Fuerza Plaza 2241, Don Chino Roces, Makati, SEO Organization Philippines and TrueLogic Online Solutions, Inc. gave the delegates the second “shot” they deserve.

SEO Shots II is part of the free six-series seminar that aims to help business owners and digital marketing professionals understand the science behind successful SEO. With insights from industry experts Sheila Dela Pena, Sam Nam, and Sean Si, it gave the attendees further understanding about the processes necessary to achieve digital success.

Sheila Dela Pena on “A Holistic Approach to Website Analytics”

Sheila Dela Pena

Sheila Dela Pena, a seasoned digital marketing professional, talked about the right approach to web Analytics. According to her, industry leaders and newbies must base their decisions on a “time series comparison”, among other factors. She stressed the importance of gathering and comparing data about website traffic, customer engagement, and conversion.

Ms. Dela Pena also confirmed that different marketing channels affect customers’ purchase decisions through the following:

  • Awareness – making the site visible so customers will know about the solutions (products and services that are available to them)
  • Consideration – being an ideal option for customers
  • Intent – understanding users’ intent and providing the information they are looking for
  • Decision – engaging visitors and encouraging them to make an action

She ended her piece by encouraging attendees to look at every aspect of their campaigns, research to find answers, and look for the right solutions to issues that arise.

Sam Nam Shares Ideas for Better Content Creation

Sam Nam

Sam Nam, President and Co-founder of The Graft Group, came all the way from the US to share his ideas and experience in creating different types of content for a range of businesses and industries. He discussed ways to prevent idea drought and find inspirations for content writing. According to Mr. Nam, there are three types of content writers can focus on:

  1. Hero – content with the potential to go viral (i.e. blogs and product unboxing videos)
  2. Hub – content that engages customers (encouraging them to subscribe to a video channel or newsletter)
  3. Help – content that provides answers and solutions (i.e. FAQs and comments)

Imagination and creativity are necessary to come up with great Hero content ideas. Writers may get ideas for Hub content from a variety of sources, including customer queries, tutorials, and customer reviews. As for the Help content, they may get inspiration from customer experiences, competitors’ knowledge base, chat transcripts, and social platforms, such as Quora and Facebook.

Done with SEO: What’s Next? Sean Si Reveals the Answer

Sean Si

SEO Hacker’s CEO Sean Si explained that keeping site rankings in a highly competitive market is as important as driving traffic through SEO. This is possible by ensuring visitors turn into paying customers.

“A website with a lot of traffic doesn’t mean it can convert well,” says Mr. Si. He also added that Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is key to resolving problems with customer engagement and conversion.

Talking from experience, Sean Si pointed out that making significant changes to a website’s structure could make a big difference. A catchy title and Meta description can captivate the target audience. To close, Mr. Si emphasized the importance of using a combination of effective SEO and comprehensive CRO.

To reach their goals, business owners and digital marketers must use a good combination of what’s outlined above – Analytics, SEO and CRO.

Those who missed the “second shot” have something exciting to look forward to, as the organizers plan to host SEO Shots III sometime in August. Details will be posted on SEO Org’s official Facebook page.



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